SUNY New Paltz Graphic Design BFA Thesis Show 2021

Newby Postpartum Box

Liv Carroll

The United States’ medical and social policies have long struggled to adequately address and care for new parents during the postpartum period, known as “the period after giving birth.” The postpartum is often extremely difficult, particularly for first-time parents who are to transition into parenthood.

The Newby Postpartum Box seeks to innovate how first-time parents experience the postpartum process, by supporting and guiding new parents, or “newbies”, through their transition into parenthood with newfound confidence and ease. The Newby Box is full of essential items, for both newborns and parents, and includes a user guide to share information and resources from newborn basics to postpartum care. And because of Newby’s exclusive organization system, the box is easily converted into a memory box, to save and share the special time once the baby is all grown up. The Newby Box’s brand design is full of friendly shapes and illustrations, and paired with a gender neutral color palette to invite all families to have access to care and customization surrounding their postpartum experience.