SUNY New Paltz Graphic Design BFA Thesis Show 2021


Kaitlyn Connolly

Globally there are 7,510 endangered or critically endangered animal species (as of March 2019) and between 30-50% of all species could face extinction by 2050. These statistics should be well-known, but a lack of knowledge and awareness limits the support of endangered animals. Boomerang is an awareness campaign, that is an aid helping to support smaller foundations that specialize in rebuilding endangered species. The campaign provides resources and information on how people can help, and offers a monthly subscription box for those that want to learn more about these species in need, as well as donating the proceeds to that animal's foundation. All items, including the packaging, are recyclable and reusable to ensure the habitats of the animals we are trying to support remain unharmed. For those who solely want to donate to the species’ foundation, there is a direct donation option too. The goal of Boomerang is to inform and educate, endangered species need our support more than ever.