SUNY New Paltz Graphic Design BFA Thesis Show 2021

The Mind House

Adam Baycora

Inside all of us we have a brain. It’s the most complex of all our organs and is responsible for what makes you, you. But then what exactly is the mind? Well, the mind is a concept that we use to explain several activities and duties that our brains perform every day. This concept is home to a variety of functions such as Thought, Memory, Emotion, Language, and many more. With this project I set out to showcase a particular skill: using visual language to communicate complex ideas very simply. Using Adobe Fresco, InDesign, and Illustrator I wrote and illustrated a book that explores the intricate functions of the brain. Then, I expanded upon that to create a website, merch, promotional material, etc. to imagine what this project would look like as a fully formed product available today.