SUNY New Paltz Graphic Design BFA Thesis Show 2021

Verum Magazine

Abby Carola

Verum is a literary and art magazine focused on the re-telling of stories about women through unique perspectives, with an emphasis on underrepresented cultures. The overall priority of Verum, a printed magazine and online journal, is to discover the importance of storytelling through art and writing by featuring student work in the form of poetry, fiction, photography, painting, etc.

Verum: Volume 1 (2021), addresses the idea of “a woman’s place” in society and how unique experiences challenge this. In Latin, Verum means truth and Volume 1 holds the truth of perspectives that are often overlooked. Through hand crafted collage and digital design, Verum celebrates visual narratives and shows the unique complexities of different forms of art and writing as they work together to explore different topics.